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Billy Elliot the Musical has been a very popular show throughout the world. Over twelve million people around the globe have experienced this delightful family musical. Plus, during the run of the play they have received more than 80 prestigious awards. In it's spectacular year-and-a-half run in UK and Ireland, as well as its 11 extremely successful years at London's West End, they have wowed audiences of all ages.

The Billy Elliot Musical is set in the years 1984 and 1985 during a miners' strike in a small Northern town. It's a show about the journey of Billy, from his days as a boxer and his eventual discovery of ballet, where he develops a love for dance that inspires him, his community, and his family.

This captivating musical experience features the popular music of Elton John and was created by the team behind the movie. Audiences all over the world have enjoyed this incredible theatrical show.

"Yes I do agree Billy Elliot is EXTREMELY SNAZZYFUL TO THE MAX!!" - Jolly Olly Holly Wolly Kolly...November 15, 2006.